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Panch Mahabhoot

सुमङ्गलम् - पञ्चमहाभूत आधारित जीवन विकास
Sumangalam - Developing Sustainable Life on the basis of Five Elements

Sumangalam (सुमङ्गलम्) is an initiative of some like-minded organisations of the country. This initiative aims to present profound and pragmatic solutions based on the Bharatiya thought (भारतीय दर्शन) with respect to the present existential crisis that has emerged due to rapidly changing climate.

Today’s life has encountered an unprecedented challenge of sustainability and survival. The evolving threat is an outcome of the western approach of conquering and exploiting nature to meet the comforts and greed of human beings. This has woefully disrupted the ecological order, which in turn has affected the basic elements of nature in a severe manner.

The Bharatiya thought process treats humans as an integral part of the nature – linked spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically with the elements of nature around them. The science of the day, struggling to mitigate this catastrophic problem, has also reached a conclusion that the only way out of this intimidating situation is to harmonise human life with nature. This conclusion highlights the significance and relevance of the Indian thought, and, precisely indicates the urgency of presenting Bharatiya world view in the contemporary context, at the global level.

The main objective of ‘Sumangalam’ is to present the unique Bharatiya concept of, firstly, securing purity of the five basic elements of the nature, i.e., Panchmahabhoot (पञ्चमहाभूत)–the earth, the water, the fire, the air, and the space; and secondly, attaining the order, balance, or rather harmony, between them, for the survival and sustainability of life on Earth.

This is planned to be achieved by organizing five separate conferences and exhibitions for each of the elements at five different places across the country. Religious leaders, scientists, thinkers, social activists and others engaged in seeking and implementing solutions based on indigenous thinking, from India and abroad, are expected to participate for exchanging ideas. Exhibitions are being conceived to display and disseminate the practical aspects of solutions to the people in general. These events will be held in between the Deepawali of 2022 and January, 2023.

The culminating conference in series, the 6th one, combining all five elements will be organised at Delhi in March 2023. The India Declaration on Environment, as a charter of solutions, based on the deliberations of all the five conferences, will be presented to the world in this program.

The ministries of the Government of India, related to each of the basic elements, have come forward to join hands with the voluntary social organisations to organise the conferences and exhibitions.
Reclaiming the Bharatiya thought for the well-being of mankind is in true sense a celebration of Indian identity. Therefore, ‘Sumangalam’ will be organised as a part of the Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. It is designed to successfully spread the brilliance of Indian thought across the globe vis-à-vis Panchmahabhoot.


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